Kode™ Technology: Limited only by your imagination

"Kode™ Technology is a multifunctional 'nanotechnology paint' that is the easiest, fastest, most versatile, and controllable platform for temporary modification of any cell, virus, and/or surface (biological or non-biological) within a few hours enabling new and better therapeutics, diagnostics and consumer products"

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Immuno-oncotherapy update (Feb 2018)

BioLineRx’s AGI-134 Induces Tumor Regression, Improves Survival in Melanoma Mice Original Article by Patricia Inacio, 1 Feb 2018 Treating melanoma mouse models with an intratumoral injection of BioLineRx‘s AGI-134 induced complete tumor regression in more than half the animals and...

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Kode Technology, as simple as Lego promising in cancer treatment

Kiwi-made technology could cure cancer Original article by Lucy Warhurst, Newshub A New Zealand-made technology behind a promising breakthrough cancer treatment is about to get a major boost. The Auckland engineering professor behind it has become the first Australasian to secure a spot in the...

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Ten ways to use New Zealand's biotech innovation: Kode Technology

Original Article by Jamie Morton, Science Reporter, NZ Herald Biological "invisible ink" for anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and high-value clothing. Giving cells and viruses "address labels" on their surface so they can be "told" to go to a specific place in the body, including attacking...

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