Kode™ Technology: Limited only by your imagination

"Kode™ Technology is a multifunctional 'nanotechnology paint' that is the easiest, fastest, most versatile, and controllable platform for temporary modification of any cell, virus, and/or surface (biological or non-biological) within a few hours enabling new and better therapeutics, diagnostics and consumer products"

ASK™ if we can make teaching serology easier for you?

Advanced Serologic Kodecytes (ASK™) are specifically designed for teaching, training and quality control use. See kodecyte.com

Need Glycan Building Blocks?

Most of which can be made into kode constructs, please visit GlycoNZ.com, the largest supplier of glycoconjugates for glycobiology

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Latest News

Kode™ Technology licensee, BiolineRx successful in dose-escalation

AGI-134 was found to be safe and well tolerated with no dose-limiting toxicities observed Dose expansion part of study expected to commence shortly, with initial results expected by year-end 2020 BioLineRx Successfully Completes Dose-Escalation Part of Phase 1/2a Clinical Study for AGI-134, a Novel...

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Kode subsidiary GlycoNZ supplying glycoconjugates globally for research

Kode Biotech subsidiary, GlycoNZ (www.glyconz.com) now has the global distribution for the supply of glycoconjugates for research. GlycoNZ products that were previously available from GlycoTech Corporation are now only available from www.glyconz.com...

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Kode™ Technology licensee, BiolineRx have initiated their Phase 1/2a human clinical trials

Tel Aviv, Israel – August 1, 2018 - BioLineRx Ltd...

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