Appointment of CEO for Kode Biotech USA, Inc

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The Board is very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ben Boedeker as the CEO of our US-based subsidiary Kode Biotech USA, Inc (KodeUSA) and as a Business Development Advisor to the parent company Kode Biotech Ltd.

The appointment of Ben to the CEO position of KodeUSA and his experience was also an opportunity to focus the functions of KodeUSA in fields of homeland security, military, and space.

Kode Biotech USA, Inc is still our primary interface with Johnson & Johnson’s JLABs in Houston, Texas.

About Ben:
Ben Boedeker originally trained as a veterinarian and served at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research supporting animal models for drug development research. He did a Ph.D. in pathology at Georgetown School of Medicine engaging in the study of lithium as a cytoprotective agent. After completion of the Ph.D., he attended medical school at the John Burns School of Medicine where he was engaged in infectious disease study and prevention among the refugee population in the Asian Pacific and development of indigenous medical training programs. After completion of medical school, Dr. Boedeker completed residency training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where his residency research project involving the use of microencapsulated bupivacaine as a non-narcotic post-surgical pain treatment lead to a successful commercial product. After discharge from active military service, Dr. Boedeker performed extensive research and development in telemedicine and advanced airway product development as an academician.

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