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Ten ways to use New Zealand’s biotech innovation: Kode Technology

Original Article by Jamie Morton, Science Reporter, NZ Herald

  1. Biological “invisible ink” for anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and high-value clothing.
  2. Giving cells and viruses “address labels” on their surface so they can be “told” to go to a specific place in the body, including attacking cancer cells.
  3. Creating blood tests where the results appear as words or smartphone-readable barcodes.
  4. Attaching living cells to electronic chips to create electronic micro labs-on-a-chip.
  5. Attaching living cells to bandage materials for the treatment of wounds.
  6. Creating drug delivery particles which can be surface-modified to go to the right place in the body.
  7. Making antidotes to allow for improved transplantation and transfusion.
  8. Neutralising toxins caused by bacteria, such as Shiga toxin.
  9. Detect antibodies in the blood that may harm an unborn baby.
  10. Rapid development of new virus tests suitable for mass screening of epidemic outbreaks.